At the University of Washington Bothell, we believe in "Community Informed Innovation." We seek to expose our students to rich experiences which strengthen their community ties while empowering them to be successful and thoughtful community stewards in their career's to come. The UWB Hackathon Series is a student led and funded initiative, to engage interdisciplinary teams of students to work to solve community needs through hands on and off project based innovation experience.

UWB Hackathon Series:

Traditional hackathons are events which take place over concentrated periods of time and serve to investigate and develop solutions for posed problem statements. Hackathons have roots in the development computer science-centric projects. However, the UWB Hackathon Series took the idea of designing and making something in amount of time on solving our community needs during an event.


The first hackathon of the series, UWB Hackathon Series: Garden Innovation Challenge is a partnership between the Facilities and Grounds crews on campus and the UWB Hackathon Series Planning Committee. Cassie Lubenow, UW Bothell’s Sustainability Coordinator, and Tyson Kemper, Grounds Supervisor, have championed the effort to reconsider how campus resources can be creatively used to aid with the development of the UW Bothell Community Garden. In conjunction with these community partners the Garden Innovation Challenge will work to engage students of diverse experiences to consider how to grow the UWB Community Garden, both as a place for education, exploration and community building on the UW Bothell campus.

Pre-Hackathon Events: 


In preparation of the event, students will have the opportunity to participate in two “pre-hackathon events”. These events, are structured as both demos and engagement opportunities.

The demos will serve to provide a strong basis for effective gardening techniques in addition to the valuable role gardens play in a community.

The second pre-hackathon event will be focused on equipping students with the introductory knowledge and resources required to step their feet in the world of sensors, IoT devices and embedded systems.

Lastly, as this event is also partnered with the UWB Makerspace, the Makerspace staff will be available to assist students with learning how to use rapid prototyping techniques and tools which may be helpful during the hackathon event. Tool demos will also be available through the UWB Makerspace’s Youtube channel.